Why Group Exercise?

Why do I support group exercise so much? Well, there are incredible benefits to group training in its forms, ranging from fitness classes to boot camps and even extending into friends that hit the gym floor together. Exercising in a group environment can not only be challenging but a lot more fun than just going at it solo.

There is enormous diversity in group exercise, and over the years, it has become a more versatile way of training. Be it for those without memberships at local gyms, those with disabilities, children and the elderly. It’s an incredibly inclusive environment that welcomes anyone that wants to train.

Group exercise training can cater to a variety of fitness goals. If you are looking to lose weight then aerobic type classes such as body conditioning, Mixed Martial Arts and Indoor cycling, are perfect for you. Want to add some muscle or definition? Then get yourself into a Pump, Core or even a HIIT class. Or maybe you’re feeling a little more chilled and want to relax while working on your flexibility? Then Yoga and Pilates are just what you’re looking for. This is all just to name a few examples of what you can do. But why stop at one? Variety is the spice of life after all and can really supercharge your progress.

Alongside these physical benefits, one of the most profound advantages that can come from group training is that of psychological value. Group exercise can be great for groups or individuals working towards the same goal. And it is fantastic for social interaction, giving clients the chance to mingle and meet like-minded people. I see it with my own clients, through training as a group they really came into their own, and now it’s like looking at an entirely new person. The opportunity to make great friends and really open up your support circle is a fantastic feeling and incredibly powerful in motivating you both in your training sessions and in your day-to-day life.

Physical activity alone is a potent anti-depressant that will shine through with anyone’s clients. But, when you add in a group training scenario. You get friendly competitions sparking up between friends, newcomers feel instantly welcome, and no one is worried about planning their own workouts. Because they know what they get is safe, effective, and ultimately, fun! In fact, these psychological benefits form a massive driving force in how I conduct my own training sessions. As well as the development of my products; Revolution Indoor Cycling and ARC-7 Transformation Training. If you can’t have fun while putting the work in; it’s not worth it.

So why should you add in group training?

Well, why shouldn’t you?

No matter your fitness goals and aspirations, there will be something out there filled with plenty of great people ready to work alongside you and push you to your next milestone.

And the key to it all is finding what works for you!

Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson
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