Aaron’s Letter to the Quadratus Lumborum.

Dear QL
Why do you love creating havoc on spines? 
Do you know that you cause constant complaints of spasms and discomfort? And often, only on the one side. Is this because one of you misbehaves more than the other? 
Would you kindly take a break and leave my clients so they can get through one day or training session without complaining about you? 

Dear Sweet Aaron 
I would be happy to leave your clients alone, but I have one request for you. Please will you ask your client to contact the rest of the gang who are supposed to be helping me hold them together? I have sent letters, even asked them personally, and nobody has obliged. Apparently, they say that they can’t help me until your client decides to take notice of them. I refer, of course, to my friends, the Erector Spinae, Multifidus, Abdominals (especially the lower guys) and some of the hip muscles that are just not doing their part!
Unfortunately, my hands are tied until the rest of the gang joins the party of stability. Only then can I give your back a break. 
The QL

Now, this all seems a little silly, yes. Still, the moral here is not to neglect the primary muscles that contribute to your core stability, as there is rarely
a single factor at play when things go wrong. Back pain is widespread, but it can be prevented and managed by adequately training all of our stabilisers, not just to get a six-pack.

Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson
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