Our world is 3D, after all…

What does multi-planar mean? To begin, we split the body into three planes of movement; transverse, sagittal and frontal. We can see them if we imagine a pane of glass separating our bodies into top and bottom(transverse), front and back (sagittal) and left and right (frontal).

So when we perform any movement, it incorporates these movement planes. So, why is moving in a multi-planar way so important? Our world is 3D, so we must be strong in these three dimensions. It is rare that we, as humans, often move in a stagnated and one-dimensional way; we must twist, bend, reach and step to do our everyday tasks, but we don’t break it down into each individual movement; we just flow. Functional fitness is still a massive buzzword, and a lot of it is about what I mentioned above, using 3D action to bolster our ability to perform everyday tasks with minimal risk.


So, multi-planar movement is simply training in 3D to strengthen core stability and functional ability and reduce risk and is an essential aspect of training and fitness that should not be overlooked. 
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson
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