This CV won’t get you a job, but it will keep you healthy!

So here we are, three forms of Cardiovascular (CV) Training that you can use…

Long Slow Distance: Usually called aerobic training. It involves working for an extended period of typically 45-60 minutes at less than 70% Max HR to develop an aerobic base and improve fat oxidation. The intensity of this type of training does not change throughout the session.

Steady State: This is the most common type of training seen in gyms, working at a relatively constant intensity for 20-60 minutes between 60-90% Max HR

Threshold and Tempo: This is working at or just below the anaerobic threshold or at a specific race pace, typically for a shorter duration of around 20-40 minutes (which should be about the same intensity, as this is the upper limit of steady state speed).

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Aaron Gibson
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