I have to be honest; the old brain hasn’t been functioning on all cylinders for a while, I lead an extremely stress-filled life, a lot is through no fault of my own, nor anything I have control over.

But, what I do have control over, I OWN! I wouldn’t be where I am, nor would I be the person I am without specific influences throughout the years. They may be positive or negative, but everything does happen for a reason, and sometimes leaps into the unknown or taking risks are what’s needed to obtain the rewards.

You are you, and you have power. The decisions you can make will determine the overall outcome of your life and overall goal.

Finding solace and comfort in locations and objects is also a challenging part of my life. I am usually putting on a front of confidence and relaxation. I am rarely wholly comfortable in external areas, but Witney Weights and Fitness is one such happy place, where I can relax, and I am thoroughly proud to be a part of it.

Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson
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