Bounce Back.

As I’ve said previously, one of the main things I have control over is my training after being briefly hospitalised on Wednesday for various things, most noticeably stress and exhaustion.

I am glad to be back to my training as a crucial escape. With my previous knee injuries, leg training is somewhat of a struggle at the best of times but with the help of the big man @wolvesfitnesstraining, the rest of the team @witneyweightsandfitness and sheer force of will. I’m proud to say that I completed a full 10×10 Set on the pendulum squat.

I’m still working on changing my life schedule to avoid burning out the candle at both ends again, but it’s a positive start today.

What to take from this is that Personal health always needs to take priority over work-life and as much as I preach it I admit I am guilty of not following my mantra as I see my work as an escape from other issues. Spending too much time working on others that I forgot to look at myself properly. Time to tip the scales back into balance as after all, I love my job, but if I don’t look after myself I won’t be able to do it.

Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson
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