Community Spirit

By Definition – Community spirit finds expression in individual or group activities in which members of a community choose to engage for the benefit of that community.

It’s super important, and we should foster it at every opportunity. I believe it’s something we do genuinely have at Witney Weights and Fitness.

The camaraderie of the staff team with all of our incredibly wide-ranging knowledge and specialities. To the users of our facility, using the gym, the classes, or just dropping in for a day.

The atmosphere there is one of solidarity and support for all aspects of the Health and Fitness industry.

Here we see two of my 1:1 clients having a blast with some of the other staff members while I was away, further proving my point that everyone gets support in their goals and that to have fun with it forms a massive part of the process, and ultimately, our successes.

Keep driving the community spirit, and every single person benefits in unique and unforgettable ways.

Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson
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